Why The Cheapest Tourbillon Watch Is A Wise Investment ?

The cheapest tourbillon watch is a wise investment . Is it wise to spend thousands of dollars on a tourbillon watch?

The tourbillon watch is a watch speed-regulating device invented by the Swiss watch master Mr. Louis Breguet in 1795. The French Tourbillon (so it is also called Tebilong), which means "vortex", refers to a mechanical watch equipped with a "rotary escapement speed regulating mechanism". Tourbillon is a combination of transliteration and free translation. Breguet invented the tourbillon mechanism to correct the error caused by the gravity of the earth to the watch parts.

cheapest tourbillon watch

Ordinary mechanical watches, due to the influence of spring tension, metal fatigue, and gravity, have large errors; the tourbillon governor is the only one that is not affected by these effects, and the annual error is less than 1 second, and it is also the only one that can achieve Observatory-level mechanical watch structure. Today, almost all watch movement raw materials and key parts can only be produced in Switzerland. The completely original Swiss tourbillon movement costs more than one million yuan. The mechanical watch equipped with the tourbillon movement has always been the darling of collectors. Almost synonymous with currency.

The principle of Breguet's tourbillon governor is as follows:

If the escape wheel, the lever (Lever, that is, the horse), the balance wheel, and the balance spring are all placed on a carriage, and the small teeth of the carriage are driven by the third wheel, the carriage rotates. The fixed fourth wheel, placed above the balance, is concentric with the carriage shift. The escape-wheel pinion meshes with the fourth wheel.

Therefore, when the stage rotates, the small tooth of the escape wheel rotates around the fixed fourth wheel, which causes the rotation of the small tooth and operates the escape wheel and the balance wheel in the normal way (figure: Tourbillon principle).

The entire above structure is called the tourbillon cage (cage), and these elements together rotate constantly (rotate constantly), at a steady rate - 1 minute, 4 minutes, or even 6 minutes - to complete a full circle, so no matter where the watch is In a vertical position, the tourbillon governors rotate at exactly the same time, so that due to the different positions of gravity, the error produced by one position will be equal to the error produced by the other position. offset by the error. In fact, the tourbillon does not eliminate the position error, it just averages the error, but despite the vertical position, the stage period of the tourbillon is constant.

Breguet proposed this idea in 1775, and it was not manufactured until nearly 6 years later, and it was on the 24th of the French Republican calendar (the calendar during the Great Revolution) (Floreal, the eighth month of the Republican calendar)-equivalent to April 14, 1801 - Wrote a letter to the then Minister of the Interior, explaining that he had invented the tourbillon governor, and requested that he be granted a patent for 10 years. On June 26, 1801, he received a patent license.

 Cheapest Tourbillon Watch

post era

Carrousel structure diagram and flying tourbillon

Breguet opened the era of tourbillon pocket watches. It has been two hundred years since then. During this period, many watchmakers still regard this field as Mount Everest in the timepiece world. Some people challenged it, including many watchmakers in modern times (such as Jiao Dayu living in Hong Kong).

Ninety-nine years after Breguet invented the tourbillon, Danish-born Bahne Bonniksen (1859-1935) invented a similar system called the carousel, which was patented in 1892 (patent number: 21421).

Breguet's tourbillon principle and technology lasted for more than a hundred years without major changes until the 1920s, when Albert Helwing of Germany (director of the technical department of Deutsche Uhrmacheerschule) invented the "floating tourbillon" (flying tourbillon, or "Flying Tourbillon"), it is a tourbillon without a bridge, to make the tourbillon as flat as possible (as flat as possible). This free-standing cage is the purpose of Albert Helwing's invention.

Albert Helwing recalled his invention: the frame weighed only 700mg, and no one believed it was strong enough. So I also tied a pair on one side of the frame, the weight is 250mg. So I hung this Floating Tourbillon in a display case in the entrance hall leading to the Deutsche Uhrmacheerschule for 4 weeks and all criticism fell silent.

Appreciation of tourbillon watches

The tourbillon watch represents the highest level in the manufacturing process of mechanical watches. The entire escapement speed regulating mechanism is combined and can rotate, and it rotates continuously at a certain speed so that it makes the "escapement system" in the mechanical watch "gravity" The influence of the watch is minimized and the accuracy of travel time is improved. Because of its unique operation mode, it has brought the dynamic artistic beauty of the watch to the peak, and has always been known as the "king of watches".

 Cheapest Tourbillon Watch

The idea of the tourbillon watch is to put the escapement mechanism in a frame (Carriage) so that the frame can rotate 360 degrees around the axis, which is the axis of the balance wheel. In this way, the original escapement mechanism is fixed, so when the resting position of the watch changes, the escapement mechanism remains unchanged, resulting in errors caused by different forces on the escapement parts; when the escapement mechanism rotates 360 degrees continuously When, the azimuth errors of the parts will be combined to cancel each other out, thereby eliminating the errors. The tourbillon generally rotates 360 degrees in 1 minute, which is also the ideal rotation speed.

The principle of the tourbillon is to compensate for the effect of gravity when the watch is in a vertical position.

In other words, when a timepiece is in a vertical position, its regulating controller, that is, its balance wheel, hairspring, and escapement will change imperceptibly faster or slower with each swing due to the force of gravity. Variety.

A series of vertical positions can be obtained if the regulating control is mounted on a "cage" which rotates one revolution per minute. In this way, the clock can be moved very accurately and can complement the error.

This principle seems very simple, but the implementation is another matter. One of the reasons is that the “cage” and tourbillon cannot weigh more than 0.3 grams or 0.013 ounces – equivalent to the weight of a swan feather or two parrot feathers. Another reason is that it consists of 72 detailed components, most of which are handcrafted!

If you ask anyone who already owns such an extravagant timepiece, the answer will likely be an emphatic yes! However, if your financial situation is tight, you might find it difficult to justify this purchase. How can you explain buying the cheapest tourbillon watch in 2022 if money is fast? The answer lies in understanding what a tourbillon is and why this type of movement is so valuable, as well as appreciating how purchasing such an item can give you many years of enjoyment.

 Cheapest Tourbillon Watch



Do you want to invest in an exquisite timepiece but lack the funds? Purchasing an inexpensive tourbillon watch doesn't mean sacrificing quality; you'll buy one of the best pieces for your price range. Not all tourbillion watches are expensive; some of them can cost less than $500. If you're looking for a good cheapest tourbillon watch, consider these five criteria before making your purchase.


First, look at the complexity of the movement. The more complex and complicated, the more expensive a watch will be. Next, check how many complications there are on the dial: this could include a day/date display or chronograph function, for example. Thirdly, ensure there's sapphire crystal over either side of the dial - this protects against scratches and allows for easy viewing. Fourthly, provide water resistance (e.g., water-resistant to 50 meters).


Lastly, pay attention to how big or small it is - you might prefer a larger or smaller size depending on your wrist size and personal preference.




The quality of the cheapest tourbillon watch will vary greatly. Some manufacturers produce cheap tourbillons that are less than satisfactory, while others have high-quality timepieces at an affordable price. The most expensive and best tourbillon watches are handcrafted by master watchmakers who can take up to four years to complete one piece. These watches can sell for as much as $300,000 and are only worn by those with a lot of money to spend.


However, plenty of good quality and cheap tourbillion watches are available for those with more modest budgets. Not all cheap tourbillon watches are good quality or made from durable materials, so it’s essential to do your research before making a purchase. When you buy good quality and inexpensive tourbillon watch, you'll be able to enjoy it for many years.

  Cheapest Tourbillon Watch



A tourbillon watch is just one of many luxury watches, but it's one of the most expensive. A tourbillon watch has an intricate design with moving parts that help to ensure accuracy. An affordable tourbillon watch might be a wise investment for you in 2022 because they can be challenging to find, and there will be more demand for them.


Many luxury brands like Omega and Rolex are making cheaper versions of their tourbillon watches to appeal to customers who want something as high-quality without paying a lot. The most affordable tourbillon watch on the market is by Thomas Prescher, selling for USD 1,090. While this is a reasonable price, others predict that by 2020 this price could increase substantially.


So if you're looking for an inexpensive tourbillon watch today, it may not stay that way in 2022 when people scramble to get their hands on them. If you invest in a cheap best, quality watch today and store it away until then, you'll have the best chance at finding what's been predicted to become hard to find: affordable best, quality tourbillon watches. These will still be a luxury item, so only those with the means should purchase them; however, these can be perfect for gifts or holiday presents.


It's important to remember that though some experts predict prices will rise soon, there is no telling what might happen over the next five years, and things could change drastically. Investing in a cheap tourbillon watch today would provide you with another timepiece that can help keep time accurate and save you from investing even more money later down the road should the price increase due to demand or production decrease.

Cheapest Tourbillon Watch



Finding the cheapest tourbillon watch may sound like an impossible task. But with careful research, you'll find good choices at more affordable prices. For example, if you're looking for a good cheapest tourbillon watch priced under $1,000, look for one that has:


-A Swiss manual mechanical movement


-A good reputation among previous buyers (such as those who have left reviews)


-At least 18K gold or platinum casing.


Knowing what to look for when purchasing your first watch can save you money and offer you satisfaction over time. And the best way to do that is by finding the right kind of good cheapest tourbillon watch. You should consider the price range, desired features, and design aesthetic.


Of course, it's also essential to keep in mind other aspects of the watch, such as function and durability. In fact, all these considerations should be taken into account before deciding which good cheapest tourbillon watch will satisfy you over time. Some people might want something more inexpensive for the sake of collecting watches. Others might prefer something that looks nice on their wrist every day. Others still might need something made from precious metals so they can wear it in high-pressure environments without worrying about its safety.


Whatever your reason, make sure you get exactly what satisfies you--and don't settle for anything less than the perfect cheapest tourbillon watch!


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