Will Mechanical Watches Make A Comeback In 2022?

Mechanical watches have declined in popularity over the past several years. As more and more people turn to smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other connected devices to tell time, interest in old-fashioned mechanical watches seems to be waning along with it. Will this trend continue into 2022, or will mechanical watches come back? You need to know about automated watch trends as we enter 2022.

 Mechanical Watches

How mechanical watches changed the world

Mechanical watches are more than just the most accurate timekeepers available. They are beautiful machines that have been a part of human life since the 17th century. The best mechanical watches combine these two attributes, leading to a rich and fulfilling experience for those who love them.

One of the main reasons why mechanical watches are so unique is that they're not made with electronics or batteries. Instead, they rely on springs, gears, and other clockwork mechanisms to tell time. A skilled watchmaker must assemble all of the tiny parts by hand. It can take six to three years to produce a single watch—and even longer if it's an ultra-high-end model such as a Rolex!


Why people stopped buying them

Many people stopped buying good mechanical watches because they were big, bulky, and expensive. But the most significant reason people stopped buying them is that there's not much difference between them and quartz watches. Quartz watches are more accurate and easier to maintain than mechanical watches. So the top three reasons people stopped buying good mechanical watches are because they were too expensive, too bulky, and not as accurate as quartz watches. Although it may be true that not many people buy these types of watches anymore, this doesn't mean they won't make a comeback in 2022. There are still some parts of the world where mechanical watches are preferred over any other type.


How mechanical watches made their comeback

In the 2020s, mechanical watches came back and took over the market. The best timepieces had intricate designs to set themselves apart from other eyes. This blog post will look at some of the best mechanical watches that could come out in 2022. What will they be called? Which companies will make them? Here are my predictions for what will happen in 2022. Cartier will most likely release their new Liberty line of mechanical watches with a selection including chronographs and vintage-inspired pieces. Tag Heuer is also rumored to be releasing their Mechanical Collection, which will have features like retro styling, metal bracelets, and self-winding movements that don't require winding daily.


Why do we love wearing them again?

The top mechanical watches of 2020 have been emulated by the cool mechanical watches of 2022. What is happening is that people are finding out that they can purchase an automatic watch for a much lower price than they could before, and they are buying them up. The new-found interest in these types of watches has made them popular again, but only time will tell if this trend will last or not.

One significant benefit to purchasing a mechanical watch is that it's repairable. You'll never have to worry about your watch breaking because you won't be able to replace the battery. A high-end luxury brand name might sound appealing at first, but remember that there are plenty of other brands with just as good quality and durability as well as better prices.


What are the best brands to look into

One of the best brands to look into is Swiss watchmaker Breitling. They make cool mechanical watches like their Avenger Superocean watch. This is an excellent timepiece for diving and sailing, with a depth rating of 1,220 meters (4,000 feet). It also features a unidirectional bezel with super-luminous markings for easy reading and multiple functions.

Another top mechanical watch brand is Movado. You may not recognize the name, but you might remember the iconic M design on their watches. Many of these are dressy and elegant, such as their Men's 1881 Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch or Women's 1925 Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Watch.

 Mechanical Watches

What are your options when it comes to getting one of your own?

If you are interested in getting your mechanical watch, you have plenty of options. Online retailers like Hodinkee offer pre-owned watches for sale and new models from companies like Rolex and Omega. You can also find vintage watches at antique shops or vintage clothing stores. And lastly, if you're feeling adventurous, you could go to the nearest train station and rummage through the garbage bins looking for discarded items. Who knows what might be hidden there?


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