Will Small Luxury Watches Make A Comeback In 2022?

Will small luxury watches make a comeback in 2022? many people make the assumption that luxury watches are big, flashy, oversized pieces meant to make an ostentatious statement about the person wearing them. But in fact, luxury watches can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Luxury watches don’t need to be large; in fact, many watch enthusiasts prefer small watches because they tend to be more feminine or masculine based on size, which makes them perfect fashion accessories for both men and women alike. The question remains whether or not small luxury watches will make a comeback in 2022.

 Small Luxury Watches

History of small luxury watches


Before they were ever cool, small luxury watches were just, well, watches. Watches that happened to be very small and made of high-quality metals like gold and platinum (i.e., luxury). For example, early wristwatches by Jaeger-LeCoultre and Patek Philippe are considered some of the best small luxury watches of all time.


Of course, before there was small luxury there was just luxury. In any case, as miniaturization moved on from wristwatches to smartphones and other devices - we collectively began to think smaller is better. But maybe not for long... Is it possible that big might soon become beautiful again? Could we see a resurgence of interest in small luxury watches over the next decade? It's hard to say but with major brands like Breitling and TAG Heuer planning new releases, I wouldn't bet against it. After all, demand isn't what's holding these brands back.


What is making small luxury watches popular again?


Small watches are making a comeback. Over 50 million small luxury watches were sold in 2017 alone, according to WatchPro. But why? Why now? And how long will it last? Let’s take a look at what's currently making small luxury watches popular and whether or not they'll still be cool two years from now. Trends come and go (and come back again) quickly, so here’s our prediction on where small watches are going next...


In recent years, we've seen that small luxury watches have become increasingly fashionable. The numbers don't lie—as of 2012, 70 percent of men and women owned at least one watch. While most people tend to own large timepieces, sales of smaller wristwatches have increased substantially since 2010. While there may be several reasons for their popularity, we think that aesthetics is key—in fact, studies show that people often wear watches because they want others to notice them. As consumer trends continue to shift towards all things minimalist and sleek, we can expect that fashion-focused consumers will want a watch that stands out without being too big for their wrist or too flashy for their outfit.


Where are they sold now?


In 2017, they’re primarily sold online; however, many luxury watch stores (online and offline) are beginning to notice that there’s more money to be made in small watches. In fact, some even argue that with e-commerce sales of small luxury watches on fire, there’s no better time for brick-and-mortar dealers to get in on it.


The fact is people still want some type of experience when they buy luxury items; if you can have both your website and showroom carrying luxury timepieces under $10K, why not do it? It’ll increase foot traffic and sales. Plus, think about how much easier it will be to showcase your inventory when customers come into your store—you won't need to scroll through hundreds of pages on an iPad or computer screen!


They'll see everything right away. And finally, think about how much easier it will be for customers who are looking for something specific: You won't need to search through dozens of sites trying to find exactly what you're looking for—you'll just go down the street from your house!


How they look on your wrist


What most people notice first when they look at luxury watches is what they look like on your wrist. The size of your wrist will play a role in whether or not you'll be comfortable wearing them, especially if you have smaller wrists. In general, women are more likely to wear small luxury watches than men because of their small frames; however, there are plenty of women who would prefer to forgo large watches entirely for smaller options that hug their wrists and look good with both casual and formal attire.


Men tend to prefer larger watches that can make a statement and show off their manliness. For those looking for something between these two extremes, there are medium-sized luxury watches available as well. These can give you all of the styles of a larger watch without feeling too big on your wrist.


Who is buying them


A recent trend has emerged with those buying luxury watches, and it’s not based on bling or size. More than ever before, buyers want smaller watches that they can wear every day. Wearing something just because it’s expensive isn’t cool; after all, people don’t make fun of you for wearing a tiny watch—but they might if your watch is as big as your head. Thankfully for buyers and watchmakers alike, tiny watches are making a comeback. Demand for them is soaring and no one knows if that demand will continue.


Still, smart shoppers know to buy what they like when they see it at a price point that works for their budget. If small luxury watches are available in 2022, then many smart shoppers will be ready to buy them immediately. They know that if there’s something worth having, then they should have it while they can get it at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter whether small luxury watches are trendy or timeless; either way, these pieces aren't going anywhere anytime soon!


The best ways to sell them online now


The best way to sell them online now is, first and foremost, online. Search for your product on eBay, Etsy, and your local Craigslist equivalent. You can also search for a small luxury watch on Google Shopping, as well as other similar sites like PriceGrabber or NexTag. And don't forget about Facebook and Instagram ads - you may not think of social media platforms as sales platforms but given their massive reach they could be an effective channel if you're willing to test them out and dedicate an ad budget to them.

 Small Luxury Watches

If you're good at making videos online now is also good timing for a YouTube channel dedicated to reviews of watches that you love personally! You'll find that some brands are even starting to get wise to how important these kinds of review channels are and they might pay you to do a review with them. When selling online now: With all of these different ways to sell small luxury watches online right now, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to move some units, even without any startup costs whatsoever! Start off by doing keyword research using tools like Ahrefs or Spyfu so that you know which terms people are searching for when they want your specific product (for example small luxury dress watch). Then try all of those keywords on Google Shopping and look at what pops up organically as well as what's paying advertising slots available from advertisers who want traffic from people searching for those terms.


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