Will The Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon Be The Next 'It' Watch?

Most industry experts think that the Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon will be the watch to beat in 2022. The Benu Tourbillon’s bold design and cutting-edge technology make it the most desirable look on the market today. Watchmakers are already noticing its popularity amongst collectors, investors, and everyday users alike. If you’re considering investing in a new timepiece, now may be the perfect time to do so with this iconic watch from Moritz Grossmann.

 Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon

The tourbillon


One of the newest complications to become popular in tourbillon watches is the Coaxial Escapement. The Coaxial Escapement was first created in 1929 by Georges Frederic Roskopf, but it wasn't until 2003 that this escapement went into production. The principle of Coaxial Escapement is to minimize shocks, inertia, and position errors to achieve high precision and stability of timekeeping. This makes it not only one of the most expensive escapements in a tourbillon watch but also one of the most difficult to manufacture.


It took over 3 years for Breitling to perfect the Coaxial Escapement before they introduced their new Aeromarine Sideral Supersonnerie in 2017.The platinum case with its black dial also sets this model apart from others on the market.


But for those looking for something even more exclusive, there's always Jean-Francois Mojon's work at Greubel Forsey. In 2013 he created the masterpiece: Double Tourbillon 30° Technique Champlevé, which features two axes rotating at 30° intervals along a single axis. In other words, it has double barrels.


The history of tourbillons


Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet invented the Tourbillon (which means whirlwind in French) in 1801. The tourbillon mechanism intends to counterbalance the effects of gravity on a watch's delicate internal components while also optimizing timekeeping performance. Fewer than 200 high-end tourbillons are produced yearly, which may explain why they seem so rare. The first watches with this technology were large and heavy, but it has become more standard in most brands today. In addition to optimizing timekeeping performance, tourbillons serve as a style statement for modern collectors who want that extra flare on their wrists.


For example, you might buy a top Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon if you're looking for something sleek and unique or good Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon if you prefer classic designs. Whatever your taste, there's a good chance you'll find what you're looking for among these best Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon.

 Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon

What makes this watch so unique?


The timepiece is made from platinum, with a slightly curved rectangular case and a striking cabochon on the crown. The dial features black Roman numerals and two white sub-dials at nine and three o'clock. But the watch's most distinctive feature may be its three-legged tourbillon. It is made of tungsten and contains an 18k rose gold bridge that rotates and an open traveling rotor system.


In addition to being meticulously finished, this tourbillon device offers excellent functionality: it boasts high precision that contributes to stellar performance in any setting. What makes this watch so unique? The Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon has many great features that make it stand out. For example, one of the watch's most remarkable features is its 3-legged tourbillon, which was created using materials like tungsten and 18k rose gold for maximum quality.


Another great thing about this watch is it's heavy-duty; whether you're wearing it casually or to a fancy event, you'll always have something stylish and classy on your wrist! Finally, while most watches only last up to 25 years before they need repairs or maintenance (and are typically quite expensive), this one can last up to 100 years without needing anything done!


Is it worth its value?


As far as tourbillons go, the Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon is pretty cool. It may not be a top-of-the-line type of watch, but it is worth its value for any collector who wants a unique timepiece that people won't see everywhere. I know that I am not a massive fan of tourbillons because they seem like something my grandfather would wear, but this one actually has some really great features that make it worth its value.


The case and dial are really well done, even if it doesn't have many bells and whistles like some other watches on the market. Some people might say there isn't much special about this watch, but I think that makes it so good. I'm sure you could find another one of these types of watches elsewhere with more bells and whistles, but you're not going to find it with the level of quality that this company offers. If you're looking for a good watch without spending an arm and a leg, then Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon might be the right choice.


How do you make your decision to buy a tourbillon watch?


A tourbillon watch is a beautiful but complicated luxury timepiece. So, what should you look for when buying one? First, find out if it's made by a reputable company, and then make sure it meets your needs. Buying a Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon will show off your discerning taste and be worth every penny. But are they cool? That depends on how you define cool, but to most people, yes.


Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon Good or Top?: One way to figure this out is to ask yourself: What do I want my timepiece to do for me?


If I need a watch that has an alarm function, I might want something with a stopwatch feature like the chronograph. If I'm looking for an automatic watch (one that winds itself), this is easy because all of them have this function - no need to worry about changing batteries or setting times-laps operations! The best thing about watches with automatics is that they're virtually maintenance-free - not many things require less work than just wearing them!


And what about water resistance? Water resistant isn't necessarily synonymous with waterproof. Watches can resist water while still getting damaged if submerged in it; there's a big difference between water resistant and waterproof. It's important to know what you're buying to not waste money on something that doesn't serve your needs.




Undoubtedly, the Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon will not be a watch for everyone, but I think it will be trendy among those who like a little something out of the ordinary. Depending on your preference, there is a lot to take in with this timepiece, which can be good or bad. However, if you are looking for a tourbillon and complications at an under $30k price point, you should keep an eye on this piece as it becomes available.

 Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon

It has all the qualifications needed to become something more than just another piece in today's crowded market, and being able to be worn as a dress or sport watch means that most men could happily live with one at home. The fact that it won't break the bank is also good. Sure, it may cost about six times what many people would spend on a watch, but when you consider how much money we put into our cars and clothes (two things that last much longer), there is no reason why we shouldn't buy watches in higher price ranges when they represent such good value. With some luck, the Moritz Grossmann Benu Tourbillon will give them enough to make their products appealing to the masses.


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