If you are looking for a good Women's Automatic Watches , then you should read on to find out what to look for. If your more into the "fashion" aspect, than any brand name you find will do. Just keep in mind that a fashion watch is generally made for looks. Not to last. Granted, fashion and quality do mix, like in the Invicta women's watch line.

So what should you look for? Well, let's just list a couple of things to keep in mind. Good metal and great links for starters. You will find that watches are mainly made with stainless steel, aluminum, gold, platinum, or titanium. So the weight of a watch is a good indicator of it's quality. If a watch looks like it should weigh a good bit, but is light, odds are it is made from low grade metals or plastic and could have hollow or semi-hollow links. A "good" watch is commonly made with a heavy metal, like stainless steel or better, and has solid links. A solid link is easy to spot, looking at the side of the wrist band, it should appear smooth, with only a pin showing on either side. Not empty or folded over like a cinnamon roll.




If the watch you have in mind is gold or gold plated, don't let the wrapper fool you. Now a solid gold automatic watch, is a solid gold automatic watch. If that is what you are looking for, than you go girl! For the rest of us, let's look at the gold plating. If the gold plating is only on the top of the watch and not on the back, bottom, or sides, odds are that the plating technique is not that good, or the gold is thin. If it is on the back and sides of the watch, where your natural oils and everyday wear and tear can get to it, odds are good that the maker of this watch has confidence in their plating technique and thickness of gold. So make sure you take a look at the back side of the watch to see how confident the watch maker is of their gold.


A hard to find womens automatic watchs, is a women's skeleton watch automatic. For some reason, unknown to me, most watch manufactures have not ventured down this road. Maybe this is because they believe that women do not wish to sport the inner workings of a watch, or, is it because they feel it would be too difficult a task with a watch that is normally so small? Again, I do not know. What I do know is that a few watch manufactures are delving into this market. Two of these manufactures are AK Anne Klein watches and Stuhrling automatic lines. One fashion. One quality. Feel free to compare.


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