How To Maintain  A Leather Bracelet?

How to maintain a leather bracelet

  • Clean the dirty surface

Whether it is genuine leather shoes or leather clothing, as long as you wear it, it will be contaminated with dirt and dust, so it must be cleaned after daily use, and it can also prevent some dirt from staying on the leather for a long time, making the leather more difficult to clean.

When cleaning the surface, you can use white vinegar mixed with water, and then apply a cloth to the leather to wipe off dirt and dust. If the dirt is serious and there is no suitable cleaning agent around, please send it to a professional store for cleaning immediately.

If it is leather material, you can choose natural animal oil, such as mink oil or salmon nourishing oil, this type of oil is mainly to help leather maintenance. However, different brands of animal oil have different absorption and ductility. For example, although mink oil is cheap and easy to use, it is difficult to spread evenly, and the absorption effect is relatively slow unless the leather is already in a very hungry state. In addition, if you are in maintenance, it is not recommended to choose leather oil containing wax ingredients. Although the application will be very shiny, too much wax will affect the breathability and reduce the life of the leather.


  • Small worn leather can be repaired naturally

If there are some small scratches on the leather, at this time, you can gently and slowly wipe with your fingertips, palms, or cotton cloth. Use your hands or a little leather bracelet oil to wipe along with the scratches. Slowly remove small scratches.


  • Collection should be appropriate

After careful maintenance, the collection should also be appropriate. Avoid placing leather goods in places that are too humid or too hot, and also avoid direct sunlight. Too much humidity will easily make the leather moldy, and long-term exposure will make the leather dry and cracked. , so try to put it in a ventilated and cool place.


Remember: When cleaning leather bracelet goods, use a soft cotton cloth and leather wax to clean them, so that the leather surface will not be damaged, and all leather goods should not be washed directly in water.


  • Avoid the following points during use: rainwater immersion, long-term sunlight exposure, high temperature above 70°C, do not directly rub against rough objects and avoid contact with corrosive substances such as acid and alkali.
  • When the leather is torn and damaged, it should be repaired in time. If there are small cracks, you can apply egg white on the cracks, and the cracks can be glued.
  • If the leather is only slightly moldy, you can directly wipe it with a dry cloth, then wipe it with 75% alcohol, and finally maintain it with maintenance oil once, and wait for the leather oil to absorb. Do not rub with water and gasoline, water can harden the leather, and gasoline can volatilize the oil of the leather and dry it.

 When theleather bracelet has been used for a period of time, it is inevitable that there will be scratches or signs of wear. The first thing we need to do is to observe the condition of the leather, whether there is serious damage or just lack of maintenance, and then determine the correct cleaning, maintenance, and repair actions, otherwise, random maintenance will damage the leather.

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